Saturday, 6 April 2019


Hello and welcome to The Goodies on Location. This started as a Facebook Group dedicated to just the filming of The Goodies and where they were shot.

But not everyone is on Facebook or social media...

So if you ever wanted to see where Pennink really is or the tower of London, then here is the right place for you!

If you live in the area where the chaps filmed and have any photos or stories of any filming that went on in that area. Or if you have anymore info on other locations not yet covered, have info on other episodes. Do feel free to get in touch or add them to the group and you can also leave comments & feedback too!

Thanks must go to the following people for their photos...

Mike Grant, Kieran Highman, Tommy Ross

Enjoy your visit!
If people would wish to add more locations to the new website. Just leave your photos, stories and comments here or on the forum. Thanks. 🙂